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CrazyCookingTips is an Indian Recipe Blog on only Vegetarian Recipes of India written by Jyoti Malviya. On this blog, you will find most of the Traditional Recipes of India with simple Step by Step instructions with Images and Videos.

CrazyCookingTips was started on 07 September 2019 as an archive of the traditional food recipes. On this site, you will find Local Indian Food recipes which are very common in everyday life. Most of the recipes are cooked in all Indian Families.

CrazyCookingTips is an archive of Traditional Indian food recipes. All the recipes are personally tested by the author. We try to share only healthy Indian recipes.

About the Author

Jyoti Malviya was born in North India into a vegetarian family. Her mother and elder sister both are excellent cooks. She learned cooking from her mother and elder sister. They lived in the village, Hence she used to help her mother in the kitchen since she was 10. After approx 15 years of experience in the kitchen, she became a very good cook.

In the current time, Jyoti is a House Wife, who lived in Madhya Pradesh with her husband, son and all other family members. Her husband is also a part-time blogger who writes about computer technology. Currently, he writes on itsupportwale.com and linuxbots.com.

About the Content

CrazyCookingTips will share Local and Traditional Indian Food Recipes along with step by step instructions and images. Most of the recipes are also having a demonstrating video along with them.


All the content published on this blog including images and text is copyright protected and belongs to Jyoti Malviya. It cannot be reproduced without my written consent.

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