Falahari Lauki Ke Kofte Recipe

Falahari lauki ke kofte

Falahari Lauki Ke Kofte Recipe is a very tasty dish. Which is very delicious to eat and very easy to make. This is a very good dish to eat during fasting time. Which is very beneficial for our health. And during fasting we also need nutrients. Which we can easily get with Lauki. Lauki Koftas … Read more

Aloo Chips Recipe /Homemade Potato chips

Aloo Chips Recipe

Aloo Chips Recipe is a very delicious recipe that we can easily make at home. If we want to store it, then we have to make it during the summer days so that we can store it for 12 months. Aloo Chips liked by everyone, especially children who like potato chips very much. We can … Read more

How to make Falahari Dahi Vada

Introduction Falahari Dahi Vada is a dish that is eaten during fasting time and you all know that Navratri is coming soon, so today we have brought about how we make it and how many tasty it is. Do you know when it is time for fasting, then we feel like eating something spicy and … Read more

Lauki Bhujia Recipe Navratri special

Lauki Bhujia

Introduction Lauki Bhujia is a very tasty recipe during Navratri season as this recipe is made from a vegetable which is beneficial during fasting. It is a very popular dish during the Navratri season because this dish provides us with protein and vitamins during the fast. It is also very beneficial for ours. India is … Read more

Sabudana kheer for Navratri special

Introduction Sabudana Kheer which is a sweet dish. Which we can make from both big or small Sabudana but today we will make kheer from small Sabudana which is a very good dish for fasting. It is a popular dish in Navratri and all other fasts because this dish is so healthy for us during … Read more

Sabudana vada Navratri special

Introduction Sabudana is also known as Sabudana pearl. And Sabudasa is used to make vada, khichdi, kheer, and Thalipeeth, etc. Today we will make one Sabudana vada. We often eat Tikkis. The Tikkis are crispy and deep-fried and you will crave to eat them during the fast as this dish is so delicious and spicy. … Read more

Sabudana Khichdi recipe

Sabudana khichdi

Sabudana khichadi a vegetarian dish, however, people like to eat it even when they are not fasting. But It is a very popular dish in India during the month of Navratri and Sawan. It’s usually made with potatoes, peanuts, green chilies, and curry leaves and we also add green coriander to make It’s delicious. There … Read more