Easy and Quick Aloo ki Sabji Recipe

Aloo ki Sabji Recipe

Easy and Quick Aloo ki Sabji Recipe: it is a very tasty dish. Which everyone likes to cook and eat. Aloo Sabji is one of the dishes that is very important for everyone. Because it often happens that vegetables are finished in our houses. and in our freeze, it comes to mind. What to make, … Read more

Lauki ki Sabji recipe/Bottle Gourd Curry

serving plate

Lauki ki Sabji is very tasty and healthy to eat. Lauki vegetable is more available during summer days and it is also very beneficial. It can be easily grown at home as well. such gourd has many names like aka Lauki, Doodhi or Ghiya, Bottle Guard, etc. Loki is a readily available vegetable. More beneficial … Read more

Tandoori Raita / Tadka Raita Recipe

Tandoori Raita

Tandoori Raita is a very tasty and delicious recipe. This is an easy and quick dish, we need a clay lamp which we heat. With the help of a clay lamp, the Raita tastes Tandoori. Earlier we used to eat this dish with Dadi’s or Nani’s hands. That is why today I have prepared this … Read more

Chana Badi ki Sabji | Chana Badi recipe

Chana badi ki sabji

Chana Badi ki Sabji is a very tasty Sabji. that we prepare easily at home. And when the vegetable is not available then we can make Badi Sabji. Today we will make it from the same vegetable that we had prepared for the store. It becomes very tasty. And we won’t need much stuff to … Read more

Aloo Chana ki Sabji | Aloo Chana Recipe

Aloo chana ki Sabji is a delicious and so tasty dish made with potato and white chickpeas. it’s usually made for lunch or dinner with paratha or poori. This vegetable is made with gravy, due to which the taste of this dish becomes very good, which is very wonderful to eat. We can also make … Read more

Chana and Moong Dal masala Badi Recipe


Masala Badi made from Chana/Moong Dal, it is very tasty to eat. It is also easily available in the market, but the point of homemade Badi is different.if you enjoy your summer days then make it at home. we also call it Moongori. Read also: Poha Recipe | Onion Poha with potato It is good … Read more

How to make Aloo Stuffed Karela

bharwa karela

Introduction Aloo Stuffed Karela is a delicious dish made from Karela (bitter gourd) and most children do not like Karela because they do not know how good it is for our health. I also used to think earlier that how bitter it is and why people Eat it but now I like it because now … Read more

How to make Adraki paneer Recipe

Introduction Adraki Paneer is a very tasty and spicy dish with a taste of Adrak and coriander. Paneer vegetable is liked in India and all countries. People like Paneer vegetable so much that when people go to the restaurant. So, first of all, find Paneer vegetable on the menu. There are many types of vegetables … Read more

Bharwa Bhindi(Ladyfinger) Recipe


Bharwa Bhindi is a popular Indian dish and We add a lot of spices while making ladyfinger vegetable, which makes it very tasty. Bharwa (stuffing) is a spicy spice made with garam masala, turmeric (turmeric), chili powder (red chili), salt and other curry spices. Which is what makes Bharwa Bhindi so delicious. We can add … Read more

How to make Delicious handi chana

Introduction Delicious handi Chana Masala is a recipe from Punjab and it’s also famous in India. So for making Handi chana we add some ingredients like Kabuli Chana, tomatoes, coriander, red chilies powder, and green chilies and it is healthy for us. We can include it in our main meal because It’s a very delicious … Read more