Long Kali Mirch Sev recipe | Masala Sev recipe

laung kali mirch sev

Long Kali Mirch Sev recipe is one such recipe. Everyone likes it from children to adults. Sev has become such a part of our food. That without it there is no taste in food. its spiciness is very pleasing to all. Today we have come up with a very simple way to make Sev which … Read more

Chatpata Poha Namkeen recipe

Chatpata poha namkeen recipe

Chatpata Poha Namkeen recipe is a very tasty dish. Which is very easy to make and its taste is tastier than the market snacks. It is so easy to make that you can easily make it any time at your home. Poha Namkeen is made at every festival. Especially children love Namkeen so much that … Read more

Delicious Bhutte ka kees recipe

Bhutte ka kees recipe

Delicious Bhutte ka kees recipe a very tasty recipe that is liked by all. It’s a street food snack. By the way, every city has its own favorite street food, in the same way, Indore has its own favorite street food, which especially found during the rainy days. and everyone likes it very much. Kees … Read more

Chawal Papad Recipe | Easy Rice Papad Recipe

chawal papad recipe

Chawal Papad Recipe | Easy Rice Papad Recipe with a detailed photo and video recipe. Chawal Papad recipe is very simple and tasty. A thin crisp round-shaped deep-fried snack served as an accompaniment to a meal for lunch and dinner. Papad can be made of many types like Suji Papad, Potato Papad, Sabudana Papad, Wheat … Read more

Rice Cutlet Recipe | How To Make Rice Cutlet From Leftover Cooked Rice

Rice cutlet Recipe

Rice cutlet Recipe with step by step photos and video- Rice Cutlet is a very tasty dish that we can easily make. If rice is leftover, then we can not throw it but it can become a very tasty dish. Most of the time, rice is left after lunch, then I use them to make … Read more

Moong Dal Pakoda (Moongode) Recipe

Moong dal Pakoda is a very tasty dish. This is a very light dish for breakfast. Most of the people like to make Moong Pakoda for breakfast when the guests come home. They are also easy and quick to make and are also very tasty to eat. Pakodas is made in many types, but moong … Read more

How to Make Samosa Recipe

Samosa Recipe

Samosa Recipe is one of the most famous dishes that is liked by all. Samosa is a dish that people like to make at every festival. like Holi, Diwali, wedding party, or birthday party. For this reason, it comes under the count of famous dishes. And its taste is very pleasing. that’s why Everyone likes … Read more

Aloo Kachori Recipe | Potato Kachori Recipe

Aloo kachori recipe

Aloo Kachori Recipe is a popular dish prepared with spicy potato stuffing. Most people make dal kachori. But today we have made it in a new way with potato stuffing. You can find it everywhere like tea shops and big or small restaurants. and you can also make it at home. so easy to make … Read more

Shakkar Pare Recipe – Step by Step with photos


The Shakkar Pare recipe is a dish that a person never gets bored eating. It is a crisp and crunchy sugar-coated fried biscuit. In India, it is usually prepared at home during festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, and Ganesh Chaturthi. It is an easy-to-cook dessert. People often make Shakkar Pare during summer for … Read more

Namak Pare Recipe – step by step


Namak Pare Recipe is a very tasty dish, especially children like this dish. Children like to eat it with tea. and whenever we are sitting alone in free time, we can eat this salt Pare, it is salty and crunchy in eating. This dish is very good to eat in free time In India, every … Read more